Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Little Studio is Open!!!!

I'm so excited to be moved back into my home in Pleasant Grove and to have my little studio to teach out of! I'm starting classes this week. Here's the schedule so far:


4-5: Ballet 1 for ages 8-10

6-7:30 Advanced Ballet and Pointe ages 15 and up


10:30- 11: Mommy and Me for age 3
11-11:40 Princess Ballet: Pre-Ballet for age 4

4-5 pm Ballet 1 for ages 7-9


1- 1:45 pm: Pre-Ballet for ages 5-6


10:30- 11:30 Ballet for ages 12-14

My prices are:

Time/Week $/Month

30 min $25
40/45 min $30
1hr. $35
1.5 hrs. $40
2 hrs. $50
2.5 hrs. $65
3 hrs. $75

Call me to register your little cuties!!! -
April's Cell: 801-836-3830. Can't wait to hear from you!


Necia said...

Oh I wish we lived close to you. I would sign my girls up pronto! Those classes sound so fun!! Good luck!

Niki Carter said...

Sounds exciting!!!

adventure knitter said...

man! you make me wish i lived nearby! my 5-yr old loves to dance...last year she took ballet. i was hoping that i could find a dance class for her when we moved....but nope, no dance classes in Kenya. boo.

Lisa/Scott said...

I SOO need to call you about this! Crystal is 5 and want's dancing lessons, but I'm very picky about who I choose to work with my kids, you would be an amazing teacher!!

lily said...

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