Friday, March 26, 2010

still geekin' out over these cookies

My little guy is becoming quite the cookie monster! "Cookoo? Cookoo, Mommy?" Yes. Mommy is cookoo.. over this recipe!!! This is one of those, "Yes!!! Something can be good and healthy at the same time" recipes! This will restore your faith in online recipes!

Here's the link.

I only add 1 cup of rolled oats and I put them through my coffee grinder along with the almonds and dried coconut because I like a less 'oatie' cookie. If I do put in the full 2 cups of oats I add 4.5 bananas instead of 3. I use the Ghiradelli Extra Dark chocolate chips you can find at any grocery store. I love these!!! Yum Yum!! And I feel much better about giving these to my little tot than those yummy but loaded cookies you get from the bakery.

I'm actually so crazy about these that I prepare a bunch of baggies of the dry ingredients at once so when I want to make them I just add the bananas, vanilla and coconut oil and bake 'em up! Delicioso!