Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Recap--New Year New Home

So... for those of you who might be wondering if deciding to move and being out within two weeks with two babies is fun... let me just spoil the discovery for ya... NOPE!!!

Moving. Finding a place that allows pets, that isn't nasty, isn't too expensive... nightmare! Although I try to be an optimistic person I can honestly say I hate moving. Especially when I 'm sick and especially "speed moving." Everything everywhere. Nothing "packed" just shoved in the closest box or laundry basket to hold it, thrown in a trunk or truck- and now the joy of going through everything I own. It is good for us to cull away at all our crap but....Barf!

Ok... sorry about that little whine session. My new place is darling but a mess and I can't help feeling like the part in Mr. Mom where he wears flannel, gets fat and watches soaps all day.

'Member this part?

Yeup, that's me these days. In a bathrobe, hairy, dirty... ironing some kid's cheese sandwich. Thank goodness our tv's broken so no soaps- but junk food gallore since I haven't made friends with my new kitchen yet. Oh my! Don't worry, I'll get my act together soon. Thanks to all our wonderful family members and ward members who helped us out! We really couln't have done it without you! Having no orderly place for awhile really made me realize how important it is to have a space where our children can be safe and be able to play! Thanks so much to everyone! Muah!

But aside from moving, my January was still quite packed.

New Year's Eve- Hallelujah we went to Noa's birthday party. That was the only one we could hit because Isaiah completely lost it around 7pm. My babies are just not the night-out-on-the-town type.

Pooping out on my first resolution--- it took about two weeks this year. Impressive.

Girl's dinner with.. you know, the girls. It was so great to see everyone and to get the update on their lives. I honestly feel so blessed to have girlfriends that I've grown up with still in my life. Girlfriends to laugh and cry with. To freak out over turning 30 with. To have awkward moments with. To "Remember when you told me off at cheer practice?" with. I love you girls!!! Thanks for all of you who made it!

Easton's Third Birthday. They loved the K-Zoo and I was happy to host one more party at my home.

Ezra's First Birthday. Hooray for Chuck-E-Cheese!

Our last dance class was so fun! Amber did such a cute job. I will really miss my dance studio and my cute dancers. Especially Mady, whom I've taught for years now.

Moving day.

Benjamin's Fourth Birthday. What a dino-riffic time we had!!

This month Sawyer has really started to talk!!! He's back to imitating every word we say.. (I'd better watch my mouth!!!) and my favorite things he says are, "Doos! Pees! Moon! (Juice Please More). He was "ba-bye" to you when he knows he's got something he shouldn't have. He always wants to go in "cool carrrr" and go wave at everyone at the grocery store. He knows the entire alphabet and creates letters all the time with blocks, bend-a-roos or just with crayons. He's drawn a pretty mean b, H (ach), M, W(duba), C, and A if I do say so myself.. What a smarty! He knows quite a few signs for the letters, and a few numbers.

He's definitely having to learn a lot about being 'soft'. Whoa! I really can't leave Isaiah alone with him. In one second it goes from giggling and smiling to screaming and that blank look on Sawyer's face like, "What did I do?" So far, Sawyer has bruised poor 'Saiah's head, bitten him, wrestled with him.. tried to 'feed' him with a spoon shoved down his throat...poor little man. Only six months old and so roughed up already. Sorry, little guy! The latest game is, just as Isaiah is falling asleep in the carseat on a drive, Sawyer yells, "Saiah!" to wake him up. Great game, eh?

Despite his little brawls with big brother, Isaiah loves Sawyer so so much! He loves watching him explore what he can't yet. Thank heaven! He's already six months old!!! This month has been a big one for him. He started on some rice cereal and oatmeal, and has had some peas and green beans. So far, green beans are his favorite, but he still pulls the, "This is so disgusting" face and dry- heaves the food down. He is so so cute!!! He really make me so happy just by smiling at me. He has the best laugh and says Dada. He just got cut his first tooth on the bottom left... I can only feel the tip of the little iceberg... so hopefully it won't be chomp city for awhile. He wakes up in the night and I honestly don't mind it. It's our special time together. I only wish I didn't need sleep at all, then I wouldn't get so moody because of it.

So that was our busy January. Pictures will come. I hope you all had a wonderful first month of 2010. Mark and I decided to start celebrating New Month Eve at the end of every month so we can refocus our energies- because, let's face it... some months are a complete wash!!!


wordfromthezoo said...

Love the Mr. Mom analogy! Too funny! Sometimes that's just how it feels! Sounds like you've been busy! Hope all is well! Glad you found a place to live! We're starting a search for a place of our own after living with Brian's mom Since October. Wish us luck!!!

Niki Carter said...

What? We need to talk. I didn't know anything about a move.

Lani said...

Oh sweet April! January was a bit of a ride for you wasn't it! You and Marky need to take me up on my offer to watch those two darling boys--have him take you out for a night on the town. I'd LOVE to get my hands on little Isaiah again!

Alisa said...

You are awesome! Watching you on moving day laugh everything off while juggling the boys and packing and unpacking I thought what a remarkable, calm, sweet and relaxed sister I have. I'm so glad you are settled. Moving is sooo crappy, we've had our share of moves : ).

Kari Ann said...

Moved? Where! So lost. Please include pictures and details.