Saturday, January 9, 2010

Resolutions for 2010!!

So... for some reason I like to make goals that all start with at least the same phonetic sound... (last year was finances, photography, and food storage) and so this year, apparently the letter is S... So I will be

Serving through sharing my talents.

Saratoga Springs Sprint Triathlon.
june 5th

Singing somewhere.
( I know, specific, eh?)

I actually have pretty specific details on how I'll tackle these quests.. but hopefully these will help me refine my character and bless others too! Wish me luck and best wishes for you and your 2010 resolutions!!


Kari Ann said...

Thanks for dinner the other night, it was so good and so fun to see everyone, as usual! Googd luck with your resolutions! You already bless peoples lives just being you!!

lily said...

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