Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So I think I get an F for blogging...

I definitely go on anti-computer strikes... No downloading photos, no checking e-mails, no random searches about the latest wonderment I've wondered... and positively no reading blogs and/or updating my blogs/scrapblogs... ah!

I go on similar strikes with my phone. Usually these are induced by just the fact that I can't FIND THE THANG!

So, since I have no new photos- here are a few things I'm wondering about:

1. How long do I need to make this post before the pictures from the last one don't show up anymore... Not that I don't like them... they're just over a month old... ew!!

2. I started out liking the name Moses for our little guy, Mark ex-nayed that one so now we like Isaiah. I'm just wondering if we'll keep moving up in the Bible and by the time he's born he'll be Ashton or some other contemporary name.

3. I realized that for quite some time (as a youth, mind you) I really thought people were speaking pig latin. I was in the mall the other day when I heard this language.. (I want to say Sri Lankan or Latvian... based on nothing but that's what they FEEL like to me) and realized that I used to think that people were just really good at pig latin so it sounded all smooth... just so people couldn't understand them. Somtimes I can be so illysay.

4. How did I get so lucky? Marky is able to work from home and whoa that has major perks! Today I didn't even realize the shower head was broken before he was on his way to the store to replace it! I realized it was broken later as water was spewing all over the bathroom from an unsuspected source (thank goodness it wasn't me yet!) Yay! What a man! He's also stained the deck, fixed the lawn mower and mowed the lawn and takes Sawyer for me when he can. I really am so blessed. The sad thing is.. I still get really overwhelmed- even with all his help and despite the fact that we only have one easy baby....What's the deal?

5. I'm also wondering who made it all the way through this lame post? Anyone? Anyone? I'm bored of it and I'm writing it... that's a bad sign...

Peace out.