Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!

I have no idea why I picked that title for this post.. other than I feel like shouting something but the babe is asleep.

First of all... I love being a mommy. Sawyer finally will stay asleep if we need to move him so we get quiet moments like this one...

What a little cherub!

I loved getting my first Cheerios necklace for Mother's Day. There's nothing like being a mommy. Sawyer makes me so giddy with how sweet he is. His latest thing is giving running hugs and kisses. I'M MELTED< MELTED!!!

Life has been good and busy. I've conquered a few feats lately. This year's resolutions are- Food Storage... Finances...and (F)otography.. What's up with all these phonetic f's?


So I've been working on my three month supply,

Breakfasts and dinners in the bag and some lunch and household supplies?... Check!

making bread from the huge bucket-o-wheat I got and my new wheat grinder I got for Mother's Day,
and planting my first square foot garden... It's been some work but really fun too!

Sawyer gets a little bummed when I don't let him play in Mommy's dirt box... poor guy.

What else...Mark and I went to the Dave Ramsey show... yeah, he's converted me to be an AM radio geek- and I started taking photography classes so I'm feeling stretched in more than just the pregnant way.

I'm also trying to get a lot of fun in before I get too far along that traveling is out. So Jana, Amber and I went to Park City. No photos... we were too busy relaxing. But later we went to Idaho by the Snake River with the hubbies and boys to stay with a cute couple- Justin and Anna- in their cabin there. It was so beautiful and refreshing-- I loved it!

I love all these pictures we took down by the Snake. They're a little light, but I love the background.

Sawyer and Ben

Marky with his two (almost three) favorite people.

It's a big world out there, Sawyer!

Sawyer's latest new thing is he loves doing is accessorizing. You can already tell he has my sense of style. The only thing that's missing is Mark's belt wrapped twice around his waist, or Kelty's collar clipped on as a belt. He actually gets mad if I take the leash part off, so I just collar him up, hold the leash, and we go for a walk around the house. He thinks it's great. The only problem is when he walks to the door and points to it.. Yup. He's learned a lot from me, Mark, and the dog. I don't think I'm quite ready to walk my son around the block on a leash. I at least need the backpack kind so I don't feel so weird about it.

Not that I easily feel weird.

Amber and I saw this GIANT truck parked down University Parkway... we couldn't waste this photo op.

So that's what I've been up to pre baby numero dos. Ojala que toda vaya bien. And I just discovered facebook per my sister-in-law's request so if you're on there too give me a buzz or whatever. I hope all of my beautiful and wonderful friends and family are doing AWESOME and enjoying this beautiful but randomly rainy weather. Lots of love.