Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two TidBits...

So I'm waiting for Isaiah to wake up so I can feed him and then do a midnight run to the grocery store... ya. One day I'll be on top of things, but that day is not today, or tomorrow apparently.

So I'm killing time on Facebook... which.. what? How am I supposed to know if anyone sent me a message? Oh, check my email... wah!!! I still don't quite get the thang...

Which leads me to the giggle fest I'm enjoying all by myself. Randomly I'll think of silly, totally absent-minded things I've done or said and I get a huge kick out of it. So tonight I'm sharing two of those with you lovely people..

Just thinking about Mark and Jana having a discussion about what direction we were heading and I hear the phrase, "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" I really didn't know why that came up, but I added emphatically, "No, No- Never Eat a Soggy Carrot... that's the worst thing I ever ate!" They were so confused... but it's a true story.. On the cheer bus coming home from a game, I ate a soggy carrot from my lunch that day and.. yuck! I've never forgotten it. BLEH!

Ya know those cell phone people that are in the middle of the mall? They always seem to sucker me into a conversation. Well, this guy was trying to sell me on the new phones that flip open with the full keyboard (this was years ago, and ironically I have this type of phone now..) So I'm looking at it.. and very properly lay my hands in keyboard position and start trying to type on the tiny keyboard. He must have seen the frustration on my face when he added, "Most people just use their thumbs." OH!!! Hee hee...

Just wanted to share two little tidbits from my silly little life.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and Happy Birthday to my sweetie, Mark!!! I love you so much and I truly am SO grateful I have you in my life... You are the perfect guy for me, now and always.... MUAH!!!

When is this baby going to wake up? Maybe I'll actually post with pictures... Maybe..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

da da da DA dat dat dat da......

It's time for another round of....


Step right up and attempt to name this squash and tell me how to prepare it and...


I inherited this from my mom, who is such a good gardener she gets stuff she didn't even know she planted.

She has no idea what it is and every google search for "orange squash recipe" brings up some martini drink or something.... so any input would be appreciated... I don't want this thing rotting before i figure it out.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So how is Sawyer doing?

A question I keep getting lately is... "So how is Sawyer doing?" It's hard to become a big brother and learn to share mummy's and daddy's attention... so it's a very reasonable question. Well, he's decided he'll help us out by getting a jump start on changing him... and this is how we find him most mornings, after naps, or mid-night check-in-on-hims...

What a little angel, right?

After he started unzipping his sleepers and pulling his diaper out we went to pants and a shirt... then to overalls, now we're experimenting with the trickiest button/zipper/elastic/no elastic pants... he's gotten out of all of them- that sneaky kid! I can't say I blame him; isn't it fun to be nudey?

Most of the time it's no problem.. the only time there's been an issue is when we walk in and find this....



(Psycho Shower Scene Soundtrack)

Yes. That IS what you think it is. And this is the SECOND time I've found him like this. I practically hyperventilated the first time. I walked in and he, very politely, was handing some to me. At least I've taught him to share, eh? Let's just say I didn't exactly handle the situation with grace. It's poop for heaven's sake! You'd think after dealing with my doggie's doos I'd be a pro... but it's kind of different when it's in your precious baby's hair.

Are boys just born gross?

Anyway, I flipped out, and since I can't really get mad at Sawyer, Mark got it when he got home and I saved some of the mess for him. Sorry, Tweety... I really don't know why I did that. It was SOMEHOW your fault.

Well, this time I thought I'd capture it on film and share it with you all just in case YOU thought YOU had a crappy day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Na Night

So I just ravaged the packaging of an Unisom trying to get it out... I need some sleep, man!!! Every night I feel like a superstitious athlete with his lucky socks and sacred before performance rituals..."Ok... last night he slept really good, and we had just given him a bath, he wore these jammies, and he was swaddled with one arm out... so maybe if I just repeat that exact same thing..." it's pretty crazy. The sad thing is, even when my newborn gives me a four or five hour stretch-- my mind just keeps on churning out the same paranoias... "What if I trip and drop him because I'm so tired? Is it way hot in here?...nope, just detoxing those pregnancy hormones... oh... my gosh, did he poop again?? That's it... only ONE change per feeding next time, little guy...ok?" PLEEAASE!

Other than the sleep thing and the fact that I don't really know how I can ever leave my house with two babies all by myself, I'm great. All throughout my day I think of that Duggar lady with 18 kids and think... "Wow, I need to watch that show- how do they do it?" I love the comment I got from this darling girl Meagan at church, "So two now, huh? It's less boring, isn't it?" I loved that perspective... from now on, anything challenging to me is going to be "less boring"...

Isaiah is doing really well. He's super cute with his eagle skwaks/teradactle calls. Thank heavens he's a good nurser and for magical boobs. Did I just write that? Whell, honetly that's what I think when he's screaming and then suddenly, pop him on and...ah.. silence.. Golden.. just golden. But come on, mommies, admit it, you're a bit proud when you squirt your baby in the eyeball that first time, or after you pump a bunch and your like, "how many ounces was that? i'm a amazing!" Maybe men are right to be so obsessed with these wonderous things! I guess it's kind of like when guys are pyromaniacs... maybe we're lactomaniacs... "Honey, did you just throw out that last half ounce he didn't drink... we could save that!" I'm really trying to calm down, I promise... But I'm so grateful that I'm able to nurse... I'm way to lazy to have MORE dishes, and to get up and get them ready... blah, blah... I'm so grateful I can do it now without thinking profanities anymore... those first few weeks are brutal! Ah.... the delirium of new mommyhood... I might have to delete this post when I read it in the light of day... oops...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Isaiah Jeffrey was born Tuesday July 21st 2009
He was 7 lbs. 15 oz. (a lightweight!!)
19" long (surprisingly undisputed by daddy)
He came at 3:39 pm

So will it stay red? That's the question.

I'd be calling him a redhead if I didn't have this little glow-bop who's so red he's pink in some lights... no joke

The delivery was awesome!! I was dilated to an 8 before the doctor broke my water and whamo! An hour and a half later he was here! Second time around your body is much better aware as to what in the world is happening. I loved it- it was a very special and spiritual experience.

Brand new baby boy!

Me and mee wee little Irish boys

Isaiah and his "magic blanket" This blanket saved my bacon the first night home. Once I swaddled him in it... na night! Thanks again, Damaris... it's like wrapping him up in love!

cuddled up with The Good Book..

literally pooped out on The Good Book

Dear Isaiah,

I’m sitting here with you right beside me on the bed with the laptop looking at your tiny, tiny sleeping body and your pouty lips and your baby faux-hawk and I can’t help but smile. You are so precious. Your dad feels the same way. It’s so cute to see him look at you and brim with joy. He is definitely a proud papa.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the day you were born. After a night of pretty hard contractions, we got up to go to our doctor's appointment. Despite my sleep deprivation, I'd had a really calm feeling all morning. I kind of thought this would be the day. We walked with Sawyer down to the doctor’s office. I remember looking at our shadows on the sidewalk in front of us. We each had one of Sawyer’s hands and looking at our little family of three I thought, “Our family shadow is about to change.”

The doctor sent us to the hospital and we were so excited to think we were soon going to meet our little boy. Just before you were born I remember suddenly feeling really overwhelmed and pressured. In this moment, I was able to formulate a prayer in my heart, “Heavenly Father, please help me bring this baby here”. Right after that, one more big breath and push and you were here!

I looked up to see you and the very first thing you did was open your arms wide, like you were saying, “Hold me, Mommy. I’m here!” the doctor put you in my arms and you were so beautiful. I was so happy to hold you and see you. I said, “Oh my word, he’s got auburn hair too!”

We got settled into our new room, and your dad and I said a prayer of thanks. We felt so blessed.
It’s such a spiritual experience to have a baby. Apart from being sealed to your dad and my children for all eternity, it’s the most exciting, special thing I’ll get to do in this life. We had chosen the name Isaiah for you a few months before your birth, and when your dad read that it means, “Help from the Lord” I felt a special spirit, reminding me of the immediate answer to my prayer I said in your delivery. The Lord wants you here, Isaiah- at this time and in this place. He helped me bring you here and He’ll help you your whole life through.

I know you are such a special boy. Your spirit is so huge inside your tiny body. After being near you nonstop for the past nine months, it’s hard for me to be away from you… even for a little while… even a small distance. I keep finding myself holding you and staring at you for hours when I should be sleeping. I should be, but I can’t. I know that your childhood is going to fly by in a blink and I don’t want to miss any of it. Your dad and I feel so lucky that you came six days early- it’s like we have six extra days of your childhood! I hope we fill all your days with love. I wish I could ever express to you how much I already love you.

Your dad gave me a blessing before your birth that all would go well and that you would be blessed with an immediate love for your parents. I can feel this from you, little guy. Thank you for all the joy you’ve already given me and your daddy. We’ll be forever in debt to our kids for how much happiness they bring to us.

My little Isaiah- I hope that you meet life with those same arms wide open that I first saw you with. I hope you’ll be open to all the love around you, all the happiness and joy, and all the things the Lord wants to teach you. I hope you are open to all those who will love you completely and genuinely. I hope you'll embrace all of the amazing possibilities that await you in this beautiful world. Your life has just begun and I'm so happy that I get to share it with you.

With all the love I have,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Welcome Cute Boy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!

I have no idea why I picked that title for this post.. other than I feel like shouting something but the babe is asleep.

First of all... I love being a mommy. Sawyer finally will stay asleep if we need to move him so we get quiet moments like this one...

What a little cherub!

I loved getting my first Cheerios necklace for Mother's Day. There's nothing like being a mommy. Sawyer makes me so giddy with how sweet he is. His latest thing is giving running hugs and kisses. I'M MELTED< MELTED!!!

Life has been good and busy. I've conquered a few feats lately. This year's resolutions are- Food Storage... Finances...and (F)otography.. What's up with all these phonetic f's?


So I've been working on my three month supply,

Breakfasts and dinners in the bag and some lunch and household supplies?... Check!

making bread from the huge bucket-o-wheat I got and my new wheat grinder I got for Mother's Day,
and planting my first square foot garden... It's been some work but really fun too!

Sawyer gets a little bummed when I don't let him play in Mommy's dirt box... poor guy.

What else...Mark and I went to the Dave Ramsey show... yeah, he's converted me to be an AM radio geek- and I started taking photography classes so I'm feeling stretched in more than just the pregnant way.

I'm also trying to get a lot of fun in before I get too far along that traveling is out. So Jana, Amber and I went to Park City. No photos... we were too busy relaxing. But later we went to Idaho by the Snake River with the hubbies and boys to stay with a cute couple- Justin and Anna- in their cabin there. It was so beautiful and refreshing-- I loved it!

I love all these pictures we took down by the Snake. They're a little light, but I love the background.

Sawyer and Ben

Marky with his two (almost three) favorite people.

It's a big world out there, Sawyer!

Sawyer's latest new thing is he loves doing is accessorizing. You can already tell he has my sense of style. The only thing that's missing is Mark's belt wrapped twice around his waist, or Kelty's collar clipped on as a belt. He actually gets mad if I take the leash part off, so I just collar him up, hold the leash, and we go for a walk around the house. He thinks it's great. The only problem is when he walks to the door and points to it.. Yup. He's learned a lot from me, Mark, and the dog. I don't think I'm quite ready to walk my son around the block on a leash. I at least need the backpack kind so I don't feel so weird about it.

Not that I easily feel weird.

Amber and I saw this GIANT truck parked down University Parkway... we couldn't waste this photo op.

So that's what I've been up to pre baby numero dos. Ojala que toda vaya bien. And I just discovered facebook per my sister-in-law's request so if you're on there too give me a buzz or whatever. I hope all of my beautiful and wonderful friends and family are doing AWESOME and enjoying this beautiful but randomly rainy weather. Lots of love.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So I think I get an F for blogging...

I definitely go on anti-computer strikes... No downloading photos, no checking e-mails, no random searches about the latest wonderment I've wondered... and positively no reading blogs and/or updating my blogs/scrapblogs... ah!

I go on similar strikes with my phone. Usually these are induced by just the fact that I can't FIND THE THANG!

So, since I have no new photos- here are a few things I'm wondering about:

1. How long do I need to make this post before the pictures from the last one don't show up anymore... Not that I don't like them... they're just over a month old... ew!!

2. I started out liking the name Moses for our little guy, Mark ex-nayed that one so now we like Isaiah. I'm just wondering if we'll keep moving up in the Bible and by the time he's born he'll be Ashton or some other contemporary name.

3. I realized that for quite some time (as a youth, mind you) I really thought people were speaking pig latin. I was in the mall the other day when I heard this language.. (I want to say Sri Lankan or Latvian... based on nothing but that's what they FEEL like to me) and realized that I used to think that people were just really good at pig latin so it sounded all smooth... just so people couldn't understand them. Somtimes I can be so illysay.

4. How did I get so lucky? Marky is able to work from home and whoa that has major perks! Today I didn't even realize the shower head was broken before he was on his way to the store to replace it! I realized it was broken later as water was spewing all over the bathroom from an unsuspected source (thank goodness it wasn't me yet!) Yay! What a man! He's also stained the deck, fixed the lawn mower and mowed the lawn and takes Sawyer for me when he can. I really am so blessed. The sad thing is.. I still get really overwhelmed- even with all his help and despite the fact that we only have one easy baby....What's the deal?

5. I'm also wondering who made it all the way through this lame post? Anyone? Anyone? I'm bored of it and I'm writing it... that's a bad sign...

Peace out.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The 1 2 Punch....

So I have some news for a few of you...

I've been hiding something...

But I can't anymore!!

Mark and I are expecting a BOUNCING BABY BOY around July 26.

Why did we wait so long to make this announcement?... Well, I've always wanted to deliver a 1... 2.. punch... I'm pregnant and it's a boy. Bam. Bam. We are thrilled! We can't wait to have another little guy around this place!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sawyer's First Haircut

So... my little guy finally got his first haircut. Now that he's 14 mos. it's probably about time. It all came about because he got into my grooming "tools" and I had to snag away my clippers before he got to them.

So... since he was pretty preoccupied with the other items in the bag.. I snatched off the little baby mullet he had going on back there! Goodbye rat tail!

I did a pretty good job... there's only a small chunk out of the back of his hair.
I can't wait until I can spike up his red locks!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby Hall is Here!!!! Yahoo!

Here he is!
Amber had her baby yesterday and he is gorgeous!!! She was absolutely amazing! She delivered him after almost 2 hours of hard labor and went all natural!!! What a woman! I'm so proud of her. She's amazing! Her little guy is SO ADORABLE!!! Here's a quick look: