Sunday, September 28, 2008

So we've had a really fun September!

This is a typical scene at our home these days. I've been doing 3 mos. hard time in the kitchen... there has been a lot of criminal activity... namely
1- Deceptively Delicious recipes gone wrong... (By no fault of the author.. just somehow I made them Obviously Disgusting)
2-Hot pad burning
3-"Ripening" fruit... (yeah, throwing it on the floor doesn't make it ripe... just bruised. Try a paper bag and an apple.. that works better)

Along with my clueless culinary discoveries.. I took Sawyer to the State Fair and to Hoogle Zoo. When he was conscious he enjoyed it!

This is his first merry-go-round... We thought the orange giraffe matched him well.

These are my cute, cute, CUTE nieces! They are so much fun! They cheered for Sawyer on his ride... they make everything so exciting.

Sawyer and Grandpa Sullivan

The elephants were so cool! I love their wrinkles!

Sawyer and Easton at the State Fair. Sawyer was having a hard time hanging on.. poor guy!

It was so funny what amazed people at the fair. Washing the cows was an absolute show stopper... Everyone was like, "Whoa, hold up! They washin' cows here."

And he's out. My little red angel.

Don't mind my gumball shirt.. hot, I know.

Also, we went to the So You Think You Can Dance Concert and it was awesome. It was great to just sit a scream like a little girl!! OH.. the chills! I loved it!