Friday, July 18, 2008

Bubbles, Bubbles EVERYWHERE!!

Yay!!! My very talented friend, Suzanne Hart did some more pictures of Sawyer and they are SOOO cute!

I'm obsessed with bubbles... I still play with them... so naturally I wanted some pictures with them. Too bad Sawyer wasn't quite ready for that..

Look at this handsome guy!

Our little fam.

I love that you can see the little sun beams in this one.

I think this one is my favorite... His smile is my favorite sight in this whole world!!

Thanks so much, Zanny!! You are amazing! Thanks for getting him smiling!

Hello again, bloggers!!

SOOO.... I know it's been awhile, but hey according to our friend Steve Kuhni, the original marathon runner died... so I'm feeling pretty good that I've just been a slacker about blogging... Whoa!! I've been out of the loop. It was so fun to see Steve and Jen at a lunch with Theron, Katie and Josh. Steve is still just as funny as ever and Jen is so cute! We can't wait for them to come back in town. So here's the low down on this month..(or so)

Horray!! The new do... SO much better, eh? I had to do it, my hair has been falling out like crazy since Sawyer was born... I mean, check out my bath drain...


Ok... so maybe that was Kelty's hairball.... but it coulda been mine... I mean- that's what it felt like anyway.

So, I know it's been awhile.. Sawyer is already 7 months old... almost eight!! Where does the time go?

We had a fun play date at Winer's Park.. yahoo!

Patting the ball was fun...
but swinging with daddy was even funner!!!

He loved it!

His Auntie Amber makes him laugh and smile so much!

Mily and Adam are expecting their first... and it's a baby boy! Hooray! My dad thinks they should name him TY because now there's 3 granddaughters and 3 grandsons... it's a tie!! They told him, "Ok, it's on the list"

Glory and Easton look so much alike! If Amber has a girl next, I think Glory will have a twin!

Sawyer and his Uncle Travis... Liberty's new hubby

Easton was so sweet in his little...err.... big... sun hat.
Yeah, I'm posting so late, but I had my first night away with the girls. St. George was fun... but the sweetest part was coming home to see Sawyer in his crib... he woke up for a little bit and smiled his guts out at Mark and I, and then quietly went back to bed. It was only about 36 hrs, but I started crying when I saw him again... what a sap!!

I felt like such a goof... I had to get a picture of this!

I have the best girlfriends in the world!!! Thanks to all you cute girls for having me!! I love how unique each one of you are...

Me with cutie Suzanne

I teach ballet to one student- Mady, and we held a little recital where she performed a petit allegro... she did a great job!
This is Sawyer at my parent's Bear Lake house... he loved his baths in the sink...

Rub a Dub Dub... one cute Sawyer in the tub-err.. sink!

Kelty was in heaven up in Idaho!! Fetch and going for walks like non-stop- could life be any better? Oh, she did get freaked out by a baby mini horse.. but a small sacrifice for all the fun she had.