Saturday, May 24, 2008

A little dose of reality

Ok so for those of you who know me, you understand my complete loopiness when I get tired... ok so I decided to invent a tag.. (I'm laughing hysterically that I used the word "invent" for such a small task)... anyway.. this is how the tag goes:

Post the very first picture of you right now... no editing allowed:

Hello bloggers

Yeah, right I WISH this was the first picture I took of me.. here's the reality...

Hey there lover boy.. .. yikes!!

Post the cutest/cleanest thing around you right now

Here's my lovely kitty who I actually just freaked out because I was laughing so hard so she bit me... what's up with that?.. maybe she got all tweaked out because of my shaggy hair... man! I need a grooming! I decided that's my reward for the marathon, a haircut- oh and Mark is going to eat at Magelby's Fresh- He swore them off about three years ago after discovering they didn't have a drop of maple syrup but still had the nerve to have pancakes on their menu. He really does get riled up about it to this day.

Post a picture of the nastiest thing in sight right now..(keep it pg you wild women) I just mean dirty socks, etc..

For me it was a toss up between this:

I think I can hear Libby and Heidi puking in the background... yes... this is the floor in front of me right now.. I'll have you know the rest of my house is spotless..

and this:

20+ years dancing... 10 toe-nails to show for it. 6 months running... goodbye my wee wee wee wee wee toe-nail.
Post one of the worst pictures of you out there and lets get it over with!! I find myself editing myself quite frequently on my blog when really... BLOGGG what an ugly word- we might as well post a little bit of ugly on it, right?

So here's my ugly picture collage inspired by my sister-in-law Angie... you rule, girl!

That is seriously messed up if I do say so myself

wa wa wa.

ARRR! I really can post any picture now and have no reservations....I've posted worse

The Butt-Chuck

Here' s a few more gems for the co-lage.... enjoy!!!

Ok... everything about Sawyer's birth was so beautiful and miraculous, and I truly am so respectful of my body after that experience... HOWEVER... I really don't understand why my face swelled up like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man afterward. I could hardly see out my swollen eyeballs.
Turkey anyone?
ya doyng
moon eyes mcgee
This one's awesome... I never saw Blair Witch.. but this is why I don't see horror movies..

Ok so for those of you who know me, you understand my complete loopiness when I get tired...

So if anyone would like to join in on the dose of reality tag... please do.. what a liberating experience.

Oh, Marky is soooo gonna make me delete this when he gets home... Serves you right for going fishing and leaving me unsupervised with the laptop... I love you TWEETY!!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Mother's Day was especially sweet for me this year. Marky was such a sweetheart to me that entire weekend. Saturday was one of my long run days-19 miles... yikes!! and Mark came and brought me a Huge Jamba Juice-- (oh my word... I'm drooling just thinking about it) and a footlong Subway. Both of which I consumed completely in about 15 minutes. Yeah, nursing and training for a marathon makes you HUN-GRY!! Anyway, seeing him at the end of the trail made me so happy! I really wanted to jump in his arms, but I just shuffled to greet him and baby Sawyer.

Sunday was so sweet. Mark surprised me with my chicken- bullion eggs.. yum!, toast and juice for breakfast in bed (it was a good thing because walking was a bit challenging). Anyway he got me these gorgeous orchids that now have a place in our nursery (for those of you who don't know I'm crazy about orchids.. lillies and orchids are my faves!!) ..

and new ipod speakers that I desperately needed- well, okay- wanted. What a sweetheart! Mother's Day weekend was full of my favorites.

So we just started feeding Sawyer Rice Cereal.. What a big boy he is! He's 15 lbs and so tall! He's my little banana boy!

Sawyer did surprisingly well for his first time eating like a big boy. Thanks for the spoons auntie Anne! My favorite part was seeing him blow bubbles in it! I don't know how much actually got in his tummy.. but it was so fun trying!!

My little guy is such a charmer... isn't he?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

He's Here!!

Elijah Thomas Koskie made his appearance today!!! Hooray!! Hooray!! He was 7 1/2 lbs. and 20 inches long. He has tons of hair and is so sweet and precious. They were glad he came 2 weeks early because he has macho shoulders that actually got stuck on the way out and gave them kind of a scare. But baby and mommy are doing fine now. Jana looks so great and is just glowing!! She is amazing and I'm so happy to have a new little Koskie around.

So the slide and video below is all for all to enjoy, but especially Judy in Oregon... we can't wait until you're here to see this hairy little guy... he is SOOOO cute! Your daughter really knows how to make 'em.. he's gorgeous!