Friday, March 28, 2008

Bloggin' 'bout my BIG Boy, Bryce, Baskets, Bunnies, Barbeque, Bubbles, Balls and Balloons

So Mark and I took Sawyer on his first overnight trip to St. George. We shopped the outlets and drove through Zion's and Bryce Canyon. It was BREATHTAKING!Shopping around with Sawyer was fun. He makes EVERYTHING more fun!
Beautiful boys before a breathtaking Bryce ah... mountain.

It's crazy to think back about high school days. Mark and I went on a geology trip with Mr. Somping or other... do you all know who I'm talking about... Mr. Clark- that's it! I fell asleep every morning in his class.So I've come to appreciate St. Patrick's Day a lot more since I married into the Sullivan Clan. I love being Irish by marriage and having a little red haired son.
I love my little Irish boy. Better than any pot o gold.
Sawyer and Easton looked so cute propped up against each other. It made me think of the many pictures I have like this with my cousins. Ah, the circle of life...
Har's mee little lucky chaahrm. I luv his red har and his wee little smayle.
"Hey, what's up, guys? What's goin' on? I'm just chillin' You?"
My Funny Bunny! This is the picture I plan on showing all of Sawyer's future dates... I love those pink ears! As you can see he got all of the necessities from the Easter bunny. Books, nail files, a sleeper and a stain stick. Yeah, I figured that's what he'd ask for if he could.

Easter was so much fun this year. At the Sullivan's we had an Easter Egg Hunt, played with bubbles and balloons and had yummy BBQ. It was great. This is Sawyer's first balloon. He's absolutely thrilled as you can see.

Mark barbeque'd up a storm at his parents' house. Mmm! Why does everything taste so much better when it's grilled?

Christopher and his little snake basket. I guess Anne really wanted him to pick the cute turtle basket.. but he knew what he wanted... SSSSOMETHING SSSPECIAL.

This is Sawyer's Basketball Egg he "found" at the Sullivan's. My parents gave him his first basketball in his Easter Basket- he had fun watching Easton roll it around today.
This is our Easter bunny Mr. Frodo. He is a Flemish Giant and lives in my basement with Anne, Ryan and Christopher. He played the role well.
"What's he gonna do.. nibble my bum?" Anyone? Anyone?
I love bubbles!!! I'm still captivated by them.. I have a whole dance lesson plan created off of them so I got one of those HUGE rings... so fun! I actually play with them by myself in the tub... you know me!
I hope you all are enjoying this sunshine!