Thursday, February 21, 2008

February Fun

Property of Mom 2 Forever... that's right!! Thanks for the cute onsie, Angie!!

Ok, so this is after Sawyer's second time at church. I have to admit, I mostly just wanted to make sure he got to wear his "church" outfit at least once before he grows out of it. I still don't take him out much... I know, I know... paranoid first time mommy- that's right!

We did manage to take him out for his first walk. I really wanted to use his stroller since that was one of our first purchases as expecting parents. We enjoyed it, he slept. Mark made fun of me for trying to take like 12 pictures for a 10 minute walk. I just told him that I'm a first time mommy and it's my job to record his whole life. I then had a flash of me becoming just like my mom before school dances, chasing us all the way out the door saying, "Just one more! Real quick!"

My little sweetie is 2 feet tall already!! He's taking after my cute hubby.
So this is Sawyer's favorite light fixture... I wonder why????

This ceiling fan is a close second. He loves that thing... it's just like a giant mobile in the sky.

My little champ. I LOVE this outfit on Sawyer. Thanks cousin Jamie!

My little 3 mos. old. Can you believe it? My baby's getting so big!!

Dinner with the Girls

My girlfriends from high school have a monthly tradition of hosting dinners at each other's houses. I signed up for February despite my complete lack in the cooking department. Thank heaven I had Anne there to help. I bought the wrong cheese and the wrong noodles for the dish.. but she's amazing and made it work anyway. It ended up really good if I do say so myself.

Heather and Bailey, Libby, Ashley, Amber, Jana, me and Anne. Kari Ann and Bode were there earlier and Shannon came at the end. Thanks so much to everyone who came!! We had so much fun. It's always so good to see everyone. We really are so blessed to still keep in touch as well as we do. I can't wait for the dinner in March... whose turn is it next?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sawyer and his new Val-pal 'spit bubble'

My Funny Valentine

I love it when Sawyer's wearing ears... it's soo cute!
Such pinch-able cheeks!

I loved this little reindeer outfit- again with the ears... I can't get enough.

Spit bubbles... This is Sawyer's latest trick. What talent! You'll also notice he's inherited my constant hiccups..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sawyer's Blessing Day

Dear Sawyer,

Today was your blessing day and there’s so much I want to tell you about! What a crazy day it has been! Some church meetings in Pleasant Grove were canceled because it snowed at least two feet today. It is beautiful and the trees look amazing, but we were worried that not everyone would be able to make it out because of the weather.

We were busy getting ready and you were in your ever-happy mood as usual, sleeping lots and being so cute. When it was time to leave we had to wake you to get ready. Your darling blessing outfit hardly fits and it’s for a 6month old! You are so tall at 24 and ¾ inches but you looked so precious with your full lips and chubby cheeks- you look great in white!

We took daddy’s big monster truck to church so we wouldn’t get stuck in the snow. We got to the chapel about 25 minutes early, which is probably the earliest Mark and I have ever been. I was really worried that you would fuss a lot but you were absolutely wonderful! You loved looking at the bright ceiling and around at the different faces. I could tell that you felt peaceful and that the hymns were really soothing to you, because you would always doze off during the songs.

Your father, along with your great-grandfather, your two grandpas, your uncles and cousins, the Bishop and daddy’s friend, Theron got up to give you a name and a blessing. It was great to see such a huge circle! I think they want you to keep it small but when your dad comes from a family of nine that is a challenge! I just thought it was awesome that you have so many worthy priesthood holders as examples. You have so many people that love you! The blessing was eloquent and I was crying through the whole thing. Afterward, your daddy held you high up over his head--- which that’s pretty high—and proudly showed you off to the ward. They asked me to stand and I was a crying mess, but I stood quickly and waved.

Your dad and I feel so much love for you. You are such a special little guy and you will do amazing things with your life. I hope you grow up to emulate your amazing daddy- and really value your wife and family. I hope you will realize, like he does, that family is what will bring you the most joy.

When I bore my testimony, to say my heart was full would be an understatement- I had so much I wanted to say and I don’t know how well it all came out. That was the first time you heard me bear my testimony, but I hope I will share it with you daily by the way I act, and how I teach you about the world and other people. I want to bear you my testimony now.

I do have a testimony that President Hinckley was a prophet of God. If I imagine meeting with him and telling him all my faults and flaws, I imagine him just saying, “I love you. You can do better. I believe in you.” He truly stood as an example of our loving Heavenly Father. I know that we have a Heavenly Father and a Heavenly Mother who are wonderful. They want us to be happy. They want to cradle and comfort us. They treasure each one of us. We are so special to them. Sawyer, because of you, I understand why the scriptures always refer to posterity as being the source of joy. When you are sleeping I tell you that you are my joy, you are my sunshine. You really are! I had the thought the other day that you even make doing the laundry better because I get to come across your cute and tiny outfits amid all of our big and boring clothes. You have brought us happiness that we have never known before- and this is just the beginning of your precious life! Think of what lies ahead of you! I know Heavenly Father has a plan for you. I know that you will be able to experience a lot of great things. You’ll have fun adventures, you’ll travel, you’ll study, but I know now that what will bring you the most happiness is living the gospel with your family. I know that the gospel is true. All of the blessings in my life have come because of my membership in this church.

I’ve always had a hard time sleeping. When I was young I used to lie awake scheming out how I was going to be Miss America, an Olympic athlete, a missionary, a singer, a dancer and then a wife and mommy. Now I just lie awake thinking of all my blessings! I want to pinch myself when I think of how happy I am. Your daddy loves me so completely- no questions asked. I feel the same for him. There’s nothing either one of us could do that would change that. Your dad and I take care of each other and we’ve always had a good life. Now that you’re here though, the phrase, “not room enough to receive it” comes to mind. I feel I’m busting at the seams with all the Lord has given me. I am so grateful to Him! What a glorious and gracious being He is.

I am so grateful to lie awake appreciating what I have now, instead of thinking of what is yet to be. When I was young, becoming a wife a mother almost seemed so ordinary. I wanted to do something amazing and extraordinary with my life. I wanted to be different from everyone. I wanted everyone to adore me for my talents and accomplishments. As I got older, I actually prayed that when the time came for me to be a mother, that I wouldn’t take it for granted. I prayed for that for years. I don’t know if you will know about this when you read this letter, but before you came to us, we had a miscarriage after three exciting months of making plans. We were told to wait for six months to a year before trying for a baby again. This was pretty crushing at the time, but I realize that it was my answer to prayer. After that loss I came to know and truly feel that it really is the most special thing to be able to have a child. There’s nothing ordinary about it.

I want you to know, Sawyer, that of all the things I’ve wanted to be, of all the things I’ve accomplished in my life, becoming a mother and spending time with you is the most thrilling. It’s the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. I’m so grateful to a Heavenly Father who never let me get too far off course. He knew how much I would love being a mommy, so He watched out for me, and didn’t let me get too wrapped up in the things of this world, that my opportunity to be with you would pass me by. That is the most tragic thought to me now. Being your mother is the best part of me, and I never would’ve been able to meet this ‘new creature’ that I am without you. Thank you for being a part of my life’s story, my life’s song.

Well, it’s been a busy but great day. We are both really tired so it’s time for dreams- goodnight my little son, my little sunshine. I love you more than I can say. Mommy