Thursday, January 31, 2008

He's all smiles!! He loves his auntie Amber.

He loves his daddy too!

It's the little things that make him smile.

Like wearing the color blue.

It thrills me to see him smiling! I don't think I've ever been happier.

My little chubby cherubim

A bouncing we will go... a bouncing we will go..

This is his little reindeer outfit he wore to the Doctor's. We thought he had thrush-- nope! Babies are born with white cysts on the roof of their mouths that form when the palate closes I guess. Oops! Over-medicated already! Anyway, I kept telling Amber how I took him to the "vet" That's how you know you've only raised pets for the last five years. Hee hee!

Yep-- those eyes are staying blue!!

Thar's mee harry lovr.. Mark. Hees a goin wintr campin' dats why hees got them thar wiskers!
Can you believe Sawyer is two months old!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sawyer had his Santa outfit for Christmas Eve, his Christmas pj's and his first Christmas outfit for Chrismas Day... I love dressing my little guy!

Easton is soooo cute! He had a blast off-roading in his Jeep at my mom's house. He loves that thing! He really uses the wheel and looks like he's really navigating with it! Amber will have to put some video of him in it and in his Jump-a-roo-- it's the cutest thing to watch him go for it!

Yeah... it's 10 Am on Christmas morning.. and Mark and I can't help but look a bit sleepy. And yes, I really am wearing my footed pj's from Halloween... they fit a little bit different now. We put Sawyer in Mark's stocking because it's huge! I was totally unprepared for it's size our first Christmas together so only the toes got filled up.. sorry baby! Now I know better.

So I know this picture isn't rotated but it's 2 Am and for some reason my baby is still asleep.. it's been 5 hours. Yahoo! Why am I not sleeping? Good question.. anyway, we put this bow on Kelty and I think she was proud to wear it because she was very well behaved while she had it on. She acted like a beauty pageant girl with a sash. What a girl!

This was Sawyer after our night out with the girls at the Pizza Kitchen. He slept through the entire event, but afterward woke up and decided to sing an aria... doesn't he look like Pavorati in this picture? I love this little dude.

Santa Sawyer made his first appearance to the Olsen's at the family Christmas party. It was his 1 month birthday.

It's a rough gig being Santa. He got all tuckered out!

Cousin Glory was so strong holding my little bruiser. I think he's 11 lbs. already! I really am surprised at how fast he is growing.

At my mom's she always reads The Littlest Angel, Davey and the First Christmas, and Poochy the Pup. My dad always reads from Luke chapter two. We sit around and visit and drink our Christmas slush... mmm.

At Kathy's all the grandkids act out the Nativity. Sawyer got to be the baby Jesus. It's so cute watching all the little angels!!
An Ericksen family tradition is taking a Christmas picture. Amber's hubby Bryan is always the photographer and has to jump in our photo shop himself in. What a good sport! This year we took them at my house against my red wall. My mom thought it would be festive. (My brother-in-law Ryan thinks my wall looks like blood... you'll have to decide)

Dinner with the girls is always fun! Look at these gorgeous gals!

This is Sawyer with Uncle (2nd cousin... but who cares, eh?) Earl. Why do I just LOVE seeing my son in hats with ears??

Ryan, Christopher and Anne. Anne is from Denmark and made us a traditional Danish feast. We had goose and potatoes and rice pudding for dessert. What a chef she is!
December has been a big month for Sawyer. This was his first night out. Isn't he stylin'?

We went to Tucano's to celebrate. Earl and Jana are having another boy. Yippee!!
We realized tons of our Chirstmas traditions revolve around our cat Fiona. Christmas means
1. Fiona versus the tree
2. Fiona versus the tinsel
3. Fiona versus the tree round 2, 3, and 4
4. Fiona relenting and finally sleeping under the tree with all the presents
5. Fiona sleeping in the Nativity (she loves being the center of attention)
6. Fiona versus the gift ribbon (she almost kills me when I wrap presents)
*Just to let you know, while writing this blog I've had to move Fiona away from my water, off of the keyboard, and away from the screen. She loves chasing any kind of mice.