Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dame Fonteyn had nothing on our Dane Fonteyn...

So Amber hosted our family's first annual... (it better become a tradition- girl!) Doggie Costume Party to celebrate Rufus' birthday. I know what you all are thinking... these people are nuts!!! And, you're right. That's why in high school I signed yearbooks April, the nut (go check yours... 10th grade especially.. ) anyway, I truly was a crazy and silly girl... So different than how I am now.

Anywho... We had yummy Cafe Rio style burritos and salads, and had a doggie costume parade and awards... Kelty got best trick for her roll over and spin around (and, yes, I have tried to teach my German Shepherd to dance... She did pretty well until I wanted her to back up... she was very suspecting of the move for some reason)

The next big event was da da da DA>>> November 4th and I voted for... Aiden Ty!! That's right, my nephew was born on election day.. maybe he has a future in politics. He is SOOO cute and tiny. Mily was a trooper and she and Adam are such cute parents. They are completely smitten with this new little one. He is so ADORABLE...

OnE OutRageOs OcTobeR

Um... We keep having computer and internet issues so I'm not able to add the photos that would make these next two posts complete... but I'm going to post regardless and add them later... you'll just have to imagine all the cute shots I got of my little guy and my family.

So... just a quick recap on all of the fun October events:

The month started out with the last trip out to the Idaho house with my parents to watch and listen to General Conference... It was so relaxing and a great location to listen to all the great talks given... Sawyer had fun exploring and playing with my mom's sun hat... what a cutie!

Here was a shot out the car on the drive home... not bad, eh?

Well, next was our attempt to go to Cornbellys... but the weather was NOT permitting, so we checked out the Dinosaur Museum instead... It was awesome!! We were the only ones there.. so it was great for letting the boys run around and have a great time

Next was the BIG day... Halloween.! Can I just say that having Sawyer makes the holidays SO much more fun!! I loved dressing him in his little pumpkin costume. Originally I thought he was going to be a BEE... but he outgrew the costume before the big day.. (As a lifelong procrastinater I don't have the 'prepare in advance' down... I've got the 'throw it together last minute' mastered.. well, we can't say mastered, but well explored.) Anyway, I always find myself a few days before or the day of Halloween thinking, "What could I glue to my shirt and call a costume?" My friend Zoraya had a few great ideas.. -Wrap yourself in tinfoil and be leftovers... -Wear all brown and tape yellow ballons to yourself and be a cornpoop- yeah, you ALL know what that means.. Anyways, My mom hooked Mark and I up with scrubs andWalmart was great for a last minute wig and lashes... and Waalaa... We were Dr. Acula and his nurse victim.. (Scrubs, anyone?)

Mark and I actually loved dressing up this year.. We're going to try to do it every year and not be the Halloween Humbugs we've been in the past. Here's a few shots from Sawyer's first Halloween...