Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Take Two

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Little Man is ONE!!!

I can't believe my little guy is one year old!! I've been so nostalgic about his birth. The day he was born was our best day ever! He is one amazing little guy!

I can't believe my little guy is one year old!! I've been so nostalgic about his birth. The day he was born was our best day ever! He is one amazing little guy!

I feel so blessed to have a little guy who is so easy. He's such a good sleeper, eater, etc. He is so cute with his red hair, but my favorite thing about Sawyer is his personality.. He is so smiley and giggly. Everyone who spends time with him comments on how good-natured he is. We totally lucked out with that little guy!

Thanksgiving felt like his birthday all over again, because he was born on Thanksgiving last year. I remembered my turkey dinner in the hospital... yummy!!

This year Sawyer got to eat quite the variety of food... he was in heaven!

So Amber and I decided to do the Black Friday thing... and we're pretty much done!! Never before have I been so prepared! Seeing as Amber due next month, she didn't want to waddle through the malls all this month. Not again!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dame Fonteyn had nothing on our Dane Fonteyn...

So Amber hosted our family's first annual... (it better become a tradition- girl!) Doggie Costume Party to celebrate Rufus' birthday. I know what you all are thinking... these people are nuts!!! And, you're right. That's why in high school I signed yearbooks April, the nut (go check yours... 10th grade especially.. ) anyway, I truly was a crazy and silly girl... So different than how I am now.

Anywho... We had yummy Cafe Rio style burritos and salads, and had a doggie costume parade and awards... Kelty got best trick for her roll over and spin around (and, yes, I have tried to teach my German Shepherd to dance... She did pretty well until I wanted her to back up... she was very suspecting of the move for some reason)

The next big event was da da da DA>>> November 4th and I voted for... Aiden Ty!! That's right, my nephew was born on election day.. maybe he has a future in politics. He is SOOO cute and tiny. Mily was a trooper and she and Adam are such cute parents. They are completely smitten with this new little one. He is so ADORABLE...

OnE OutRageOs OcTobeR

Um... We keep having computer and internet issues so I'm not able to add the photos that would make these next two posts complete... but I'm going to post regardless and add them later... you'll just have to imagine all the cute shots I got of my little guy and my family.

So... just a quick recap on all of the fun October events:

The month started out with the last trip out to the Idaho house with my parents to watch and listen to General Conference... It was so relaxing and a great location to listen to all the great talks given... Sawyer had fun exploring and playing with my mom's sun hat... what a cutie!

Here was a shot out the car on the drive home... not bad, eh?

Well, next was our attempt to go to Cornbellys... but the weather was NOT permitting, so we checked out the Dinosaur Museum instead... It was awesome!! We were the only ones there.. so it was great for letting the boys run around and have a great time

Next was the BIG day... Halloween.! Can I just say that having Sawyer makes the holidays SO much more fun!! I loved dressing him in his little pumpkin costume. Originally I thought he was going to be a BEE... but he outgrew the costume before the big day.. (As a lifelong procrastinater I don't have the 'prepare in advance' down... I've got the 'throw it together last minute' mastered.. well, we can't say mastered, but well explored.) Anyway, I always find myself a few days before or the day of Halloween thinking, "What could I glue to my shirt and call a costume?" My friend Zoraya had a few great ideas.. -Wrap yourself in tinfoil and be leftovers... -Wear all brown and tape yellow ballons to yourself and be a cornpoop- yeah, you ALL know what that means.. Anyways, My mom hooked Mark and I up with scrubs andWalmart was great for a last minute wig and lashes... and Waalaa... We were Dr. Acula and his nurse victim.. (Scrubs, anyone?)

Mark and I actually loved dressing up this year.. We're going to try to do it every year and not be the Halloween Humbugs we've been in the past. Here's a few shots from Sawyer's first Halloween...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

So we've had a really fun September!

This is a typical scene at our home these days. I've been doing 3 mos. hard time in the kitchen... there has been a lot of criminal activity... namely
1- Deceptively Delicious recipes gone wrong... (By no fault of the author.. just somehow I made them Obviously Disgusting)
2-Hot pad burning
3-"Ripening" fruit... (yeah, throwing it on the floor doesn't make it ripe... just bruised. Try a paper bag and an apple.. that works better)

Along with my clueless culinary discoveries.. I took Sawyer to the State Fair and to Hoogle Zoo. When he was conscious he enjoyed it!

This is his first merry-go-round... We thought the orange giraffe matched him well.

These are my cute, cute, CUTE nieces! They are so much fun! They cheered for Sawyer on his ride... they make everything so exciting.

Sawyer and Grandpa Sullivan

The elephants were so cool! I love their wrinkles!

Sawyer and Easton at the State Fair. Sawyer was having a hard time hanging on.. poor guy!

It was so funny what amazed people at the fair. Washing the cows was an absolute show stopper... Everyone was like, "Whoa, hold up! They washin' cows here."

And he's out. My little red angel.

Don't mind my gumball shirt.. hot, I know.

Also, we went to the So You Think You Can Dance Concert and it was awesome. It was great to just sit a scream like a little girl!! OH.. the chills! I loved it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long time no blog... oops!

Okay... so I think I'm becoming a monthly vs. a weekly blogger. Oh well. I go on these anti-computer stints where I just can't find a minute to sit down. I loved Angie's advice on having the laptop in the kitchen.. unfortunately my internet is unreliable there so... anyway.. blah blah..

Some fun things have happened this month. Mark and I had our 6th wedding anniversary and we had a great time. We went rock climbing at the Quarry and it was thrilling.. I think the older I get the more I'm losing my nerve... so smaller things are really exciting. We had a blast. It'd been a long time since I've been and I think even longer for Mark. It was fun. I would've taken pictures but we were a little focused on not dying or dropping each other... Afterward we went to Asuka so Marky could get his all- you-can eat sushi and we sat in the low tables in the back.

Ching-a ching-a ching ching ching-ching-ching-ching....Gong!!! AHSHO!!!

I've always wanted to sit there. I thought we'd be folding our legs the whole time but the table are in a pit so you're just sitting like normal... kinda weird. Mark said that's how the table are in Japan. Anyway, it was yummy and our waitress was hilarious. She was so put out by all our requests, didn't refill our water until we were completely done, and when she brought out our entrees and I was in the restroom she said in her demanding Chinese accent, "Wheisshe?" She was quite the character. We asked her if she'd been watching the Olympics, and she's responded rather impatiently, "Idonhaftime!" Hee Hee. All in all, it was a great night.

Six years... where has the time gone?

Here's the latest of the little man

Sawyer is so funny. He makes me laugh so much! He loves to smoosh his face on his play-pen mesh... what a prankster!

Sawyer is like my personal little comedian... He loves sticking out his tongue when he gets excited... it's so funny.

So I found him like this one morning....yeah, I have no idea how he did it. Hee hee!

This is little Jensen... Ashley's darling little darling. I felt so lucky to be able to meet him. Ashley looks so good and did so awesome... au naturale... go girl! Isn't he gorgeous??

So what's been occupying my time, you ask? Why a month since my last post? Well, I'm actually learning to cook. That's right. I'm caving. Miss 'I started a fire in the microwave, almost burnt- down my bro. in law's house and killed my dog' is actually going for it again. (And, yes those are on different occasions... one the result of melting chocolate chips in the microwave, and one the consequence of using the unfamiliar stove top and leaving it on... oops!)Everyone brace yaselves.... Hopefully we won't have any ER incidents to report. What brought this on? Well, two things really. First, It's really quite a wake up call when the guys at the Gondolfo's drive-thru start recognizing you. Second, I'm SO HUNGRY!! and all the crap fast food we eat is really not satisfying my hunger. Mark and I have been on the "All American Diet" for the last six years, and it's gotta stop.

Consequently, I read this book called "Original Fast Foods" and I loved it!!! It's taken my so long to find a book that I completely agreed with as far a nutrition and I finally have. It's great and I'm learning how to make all their stuff. The authors we're my old neighbors and she was the best Sunday School teacher I've ever had. Their recipes are yummy!!! Actually, I've definitely botched a few... like ya know that pudding that moves itself across the table from "Better off Dead"? yeah, I've got the recipe for that if you're interested. But for the most part, they've been good and I feel really good about the pounds and pounds of fruits and veggies that we're pounding down...hee hee.

Mark and I also just started reading the Twilight books and we love them! It's been kind of bad timing with the Olympics, because we'll stay up till 11 watching them and then go read for two hours... what are we thinking? Sawyer wakes me up pretty early and Mark started back at True North so he has to get up early now... but somehow we can't resist and we're actually relieved the Olympics are over... So much activity on their part that inspires so little activity on our part. Oh well. They're amazing! I still have a not-so-secret dream of being an athlete... if I only was into sports.. oh well.

So I don't know how all you mommies do it. Keep your houses clean, cook dinners, take care of the babes AND read books!?? There's definitely not enough time in the world for all this. Someday I'll get it all figured out, right? Yeah, I will, and then things will change and I'll have to figure it all out again, huh? That's life... how fun!

Well I love you all and I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up on everyone and their fun news. I hope you all are doing well. I really think I need help getting this housewife thing down. It's pretty time consuming and challenging... that's why I like it. Life is wonderful, isn't it?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bubbles, Bubbles EVERYWHERE!!

Yay!!! My very talented friend, Suzanne Hart did some more pictures of Sawyer and they are SOOO cute!

I'm obsessed with bubbles... I still play with them... so naturally I wanted some pictures with them. Too bad Sawyer wasn't quite ready for that..

Look at this handsome guy!

Our little fam.

I love that you can see the little sun beams in this one.

I think this one is my favorite... His smile is my favorite sight in this whole world!!

Thanks so much, Zanny!! You are amazing! Thanks for getting him smiling!

Hello again, bloggers!!

SOOO.... I know it's been awhile, but hey according to our friend Steve Kuhni, the original marathon runner died... so I'm feeling pretty good that I've just been a slacker about blogging... Whoa!! I've been out of the loop. It was so fun to see Steve and Jen at a lunch with Theron, Katie and Josh. Steve is still just as funny as ever and Jen is so cute! We can't wait for them to come back in town. So here's the low down on this month..(or so)

Horray!! The new do... SO much better, eh? I had to do it, my hair has been falling out like crazy since Sawyer was born... I mean, check out my bath drain...


Ok... so maybe that was Kelty's hairball.... but it coulda been mine... I mean- that's what it felt like anyway.

So, I know it's been awhile.. Sawyer is already 7 months old... almost eight!! Where does the time go?

We had a fun play date at Winer's Park.. yahoo!

Patting the ball was fun...
but swinging with daddy was even funner!!!

He loved it!

His Auntie Amber makes him laugh and smile so much!

Mily and Adam are expecting their first... and it's a baby boy! Hooray! My dad thinks they should name him TY because now there's 3 granddaughters and 3 grandsons... it's a tie!! They told him, "Ok, it's on the list"

Glory and Easton look so much alike! If Amber has a girl next, I think Glory will have a twin!

Sawyer and his Uncle Travis... Liberty's new hubby

Easton was so sweet in his little...err.... big... sun hat.
Yeah, I'm posting so late, but I had my first night away with the girls. St. George was fun... but the sweetest part was coming home to see Sawyer in his crib... he woke up for a little bit and smiled his guts out at Mark and I, and then quietly went back to bed. It was only about 36 hrs, but I started crying when I saw him again... what a sap!!

I felt like such a goof... I had to get a picture of this!

I have the best girlfriends in the world!!! Thanks to all you cute girls for having me!! I love how unique each one of you are...

Me with cutie Suzanne

I teach ballet to one student- Mady, and we held a little recital where she performed a petit allegro... she did a great job!
This is Sawyer at my parent's Bear Lake house... he loved his baths in the sink...

Rub a Dub Dub... one cute Sawyer in the tub-err.. sink!

Kelty was in heaven up in Idaho!! Fetch and going for walks like non-stop- could life be any better? Oh, she did get freaked out by a baby mini horse.. but a small sacrifice for all the fun she had.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I could really go for a massage

So we did it!! YaHOO! Mark and I ran the Bear Lake Marathon yesterday. So... here's how it went- I wish you could all hear Mark tell it live- he's the best story teller and everything is so funny when he tells it... anyway..

We got up way early and headed to Garden City (about 20 minutes away from my parent's summer home in St. Charles) and boarded a bus full of a bunch of buff people- old and young- but all of them looked like they were in great shape. As Mark and I started talking to them we got more and more nervous... "Ah, you've done how many??? Working toward one in each state??Sheeesh!!" We were beginning to feel a little out of our league. I honestly thought I was going to throw up right before we started... which would've been too bad considering there were no potties at the starting line... what's up with that? A bunch of guys AND girls- mind you- just went for it in the sage brush and no one seemed to mind, either. What a world these runners live in!

So here's the difference between me and my hubby. I've trained pretty faithfully for six months-I never missed a long run, I've done a little research, bought some gear, got advice from as many marathoners as possible, etc.. Mark has gone running MAYBE ten times over six months, hasn't really done any research or honing down on his favorite techniques, etc... The most he'd run before yesterday in one day was 8 miles.... So needless to say, I was a bit concerned for him. I was worried he was going to really hurt himself or have to quit because of the pain or something- um, NO!!! After a little potty break I took, who do I see in front of me?, going a pretty decent pace I might add? My hubby... just trekking along with his mp3 player. Yeah, I had to work to catch up.. and he would've beat me had it been a half marathon. Anyway, long story short... I was able to run the entire time- except for through the aide stations (running and drinking isn't a skill I possess I just end up choking) and when I called my mom at 5 miles from the finish. Can I just tell you how excited I was to see the signs "2 more miles" "1 more mile" AH!!! I pretty much picked up the pace that last half mile... I felt like I was sprinting, but when you've been running about a 12 minute mile it probably wasn't really sprinting. Regardless, I was like yelling, "26.2 miles baby!" and "yay!!" and I jumped over the finish line all excited and elated- I was!!! I was so happy to have done it, to have accomplished my goal of running a marathon! Yeah! So my daddy was there... I love him so much! He was so proud of me and was telling me to get food and water and stretch for a minute.. There were so many nice people there. The guy that's trying to run a marathon in every state told my dad how I was a "tough cookie" going up this four mile incline and not stopping once- I don't really remember what he's talking about, but I go pretty brain dead after running for so long... anyway, that was really nice. So my dad and I decided to go try and find Mark to cheer him on the rest of the way, well, unfortunately, the path looped around for the last 2 miles, and he was closer to being done than expected, so we totally missed him and he just went home. I was so bummed! I missed his finish at our 10 k too. That's what I get for underestimating him. Oh well, he did it! And he came in a mere 30 minutes behind me... that bum! Could you imagine if he actually trained? He is pretty achy today and he had cramps in his legs the last 10 or so but he did it! What a natural athlete. He does hike a lot and play ball so I think that helped him. He also was probably blessed for all the early hours of watching Sawyer while I went running or to the gym... I really don't know how I would've been able to train without him and his flexible schedule.
I am so proud of him. After telling a guy on the bus that this was our first one he warned us that it's addicting... we were so happy afterward and elated to have accomplished our goal that I can see how it might be.
I did have a pretty bad tummy ache afterward- I think from all the gu and it's sugar and caffeine that my body's not used to- yeah, I probably should've gone easy on that, but all in all, we had a great experience. The race had such a different feel than all the other long runs I've done. It went by so much faster(even though we ran from about 6:45 to noon).. that adrenaline is something, isn't it? It was s uch a fun thing to do together. We're still so pumped and happy that we can just relax up here in Idaho for a few more days... thanks to my parents letting us stay at their house. They really took care of us and little Sawyer. I was so glad they were able to actually come up and watch. My whole life they've always made it to my special events... and there were so many games, track meets, concerts... wow! and they've been so supportive. I have the best parents ever!!