Thursday, September 20, 2007

Liberty and the love of her life, Travis Monson

This is Marky opening his gift. I took the video we had from our wedding and edited it so it would be watchable. The original tape has ya know... 5 minutes of the camera left on in the car, 10 minutes just chillin' on the tripod with no one in front of it. I finally realize why videographers dub music over their film... people sound crazy and say weird stuff if they don't realize they're being recorded!!
My tummy is my favorite accessory lately... I don't know what's up with my face though...

Seven months and counting!! I'm already anticipating our big day when we finally get to meet little Sawyer True Sullivan (if that's the name we keep!!)

Liberty's Big Day

I've never been so proud of my tummy. I thought I would be embarrassed by it.. nope! Mark and I laugh about it all the time. I'm either going to be A bowling ball, a"Buddah belly" "Tella-tummy" or a C-section for Halloween. My vote is for the C-section... that is the scariest thing to me lately!!!

Liberty's shower was a lot of fun. We got some of her sizes wrong, though.. Oops

My mom was hilarious at the shower! She definitely enjoyed teasing Liberty the most. We modeled all the "lingerie" after the civilized company left.

Jana, Benjamin and Earl at Liberty's Reception

Mark is such a hottie!!!

This is Little Em and I at the Music Man Play

Mark and I had a great anniversary... We stayed in the same room that started off our honeymoon,
we took time to fed the geese,

and we went to the Grand Canyon... just kidding. We went to the Museum of Natural History and saw the Toadally Frogs exhibit. Yeah, we're geeks like that.

Mark has been able to provide us with a lot of meat for the next year with his archery hunting... I spared y'all the more graphic pictures.

Summertime and the living is... busy!

This is the beautiful bride to be at her shower...