Monday, August 6, 2007

Bathing beauties on the boat.

McKenna and Dean on the tube... what a trooper.

Madison loved the sun. I was constantly slathering sunblock on that fair little one.

Mark and Kathy on the boat. They were so brave!

Christopher in his little crab. He didn't know what to think of it at first, but loved it once he got used to it.

Picking up Liberty at the airport after getting engaged!! She gets married on September 7th. We are so excited!! Travis Monson will soon join our family.

Mark and I went to Bear Lake over the 24th of July. We spent a few days with Mark's entire family. Mark had fun riding the horses. It just took a minute to figure out the reigns.

This is our darling niece Hailey. She looks like quite the pro already.

Mark loved taking his nieces and nephews out on the boat. They all had tubing stories to tell over the next few days.
Painting my house has been a fun project for me this summer. Mili and Adam inspired me with their home.

They were so sweet to bring our baby boy his first outfit after we had our ultrasound.

This is a way old picture, but hey, I'm just learning how to do this stuff. This was taken when Mark and I lived in Hailey, Idaho. I'm holding Minnie- a chihuahua that Mark still insists is a cat.

Mark and April Sullivan

So this is my very first blog entry. Yup, don't really know what to say